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“Rick, My Soul + I want to thank you for your help this year.

Your healing helped to change my life + I will never forget what you did no words can express my gratitude and heartfelt thanks”



“Hi Rick, my oh my….me oh me…… what a beautiful person, what a beautiful place I am. My homework has been out of this world, beyond my imagination, but oh so real and healing. My heart has taken me places and shown me how large I am, and inside of me feels so big, spacious, so beautiful, and it is full of Love. I carry that place with me now. I can be in that place, I can live from that place. I feel like my body is so full it can’t contain all this at times. I can go beyond my body to accommodate the need for more space and it feels grand! I am blessed, so blessed, so beautiful. I felt so much Love it seemed impossible there could be that strong of Love in existence, and it was Love of myself! The strongest Love I have ever felt……..and it was for me! And there was no denying that it was true Love, honest Love, organic Love from the source.

I was astonished that I could have so much Love for myself. It was so much Love, it was painful. I would like to Love everyone and everything this much. What a gift this Love is, what a gift I can share, what a gift I am to know such Love. I have this kind of point in front of me that is a threshold I must pass through in order to relate and be with another. I have felt it so distinctly in this Inward Bound course we are taking, and I realize it is for me to pass through and engage without fear (for my fear will get in the way of any relationship I will try and attempt). To pass over this point is an intention I have for myself as I feel it is something I am called to do for myself. I have been pondering for a couple of weeks as to how it gets across and behaves on the other side with another person. Just holding a conversation for Pete’s sake!! Good grief!!

So hard and scary to commit to such a goal. Well, today I have the answer. It is what I was saying above. I can approach another and have a relationship with them from talking to consoling because I am in such a beautiful place inside me, so Loved, and I can be with anyone from that place. All this is so profound and beautiful.I am so blessed, and the tears come with so much joy and gratitude when I am there. I am babbling on with words that have no means of expressing these things, but you know so I should just stop.

To experience this, to be this is such a gift, thank you Rick, thank you for your gifts and your Love.”



“Hi – Wow, what a happy husband I came home to after yoga

(in spite of him finding our truck with a flat tire when he went out to try to join me at our Friday coffee after yoga group).

He laughed when we saw the tire.

I am blown away!!!!!!!!!!"

Amazing, huge, transformational


“Hi Rick, I hope this message finds you well!

I am good and feeling a bit more balanced/hopeful/light-infused as a result of our sessions.

An enormous thank you—from me to you—is in order, Rick.
I appreciate the sacred and powerful work you do. The world is a better place for it."



“Dear Rick, My soul and I thank you! You are an amazing person and healer.

You’ve helped more than words can express. I am truly grateful that our paths crossed.

Thank you for sharing honestly and for all the wise words of advice and empowerment.
I wish you a very happy and prosperous future."

Thanks again


“Hi Rick, Wanted to let you know I’m grateful to you for the work you did with me this past fall.

I’ve gotten to a wealthier place now and hope all is well with you.”



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