Sound Healing and Deep Relaxation and Sleep

Sound Healing and Deep Relaxation and Sleep


Deep Sleep & Relaxation

Put on your headphones, sit back, relax, and let go!

Close your eyes and allow Sees The Day to guide you on a hypnotic journey into deep relaxation or restful slumber.  With certified Hypnotherapist Rick Bastine as your guide this hyper real meditation will take you to a peaceful and tranquil space.  Designed to induce Delta wave activity in the brain for promoting deep sleep.  The soothing meditation and imbedded frequencies enhance your ability to relax and fall into a deep restorative sleep.

Suggested Uses:

1. Stress Relief:

Play for 15 to 30 minutes during stressful times


2. Relaxation:

Listen as you breathe for 15 to 30 minutes


3. Sleep aide:

Put on repeat at a low volume just before bed.


4. Background music:

Play on repeat a low volume level.


5. Meditation:

A great tool to facilitate a deeper meditative state


For best results play at a low volume with or without headphones. Headphones provide for a hyper real experience.

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